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"I can only wish other businesses with whom I place a phone or internet order could become half as well-organized as you are. Thank you for your splendid and very prompt service." --Julia Rakestraw, Houston

"The bookmarks are the finest quality I've ever seen. Worth every penny. Makes a beautiful gift. The calendar is also a work of art." --Sharon, Pontiac, ILL

"Greetings, Carol Akiane,

Thank-you for the Amazing News Information's! Congratulation's with all the great work and thanks for the Prince of Peace painting, I've all-ways enjoyed beautiful art and I'm a fan of Akiane work, she is Amazing ! This old world needs a lot more kind hearts like her she's a very young and unique person who has truly been bless! Within the history of earths there's been times when Powerful Gifts of Great Talent were will-be pass out of Heaven and placed in the hands of humans for the betterment of life on this planet, in my prayers are ones that Akiane will learn the ways of this world, then with understanding of events that are at times unjust, not let them harden her beautiful ways, I also pray she you will have a great long-long life with all the Best Wonders!"

--Respectfully yours, Phillip H George

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the canvas yesterday. It is more breathtaking "in person". I brought it today to have it framed and we have a rush on it to get in back in time for my husbands' birthday. I know he is going to be just thrilled."

--Thank you again, Regards, Lorraine"

"The customer service I received at Art SoulWorks was excellent in that they were personally attentive to all my questions and fulfilled all needs."

--Debhrah Jordan

"Recommend Art SoulWorks highly.....above and beyond!!!"

--Jim M

From The Media

"Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral, California, Hour of Power - Akiane, you are an incredible young lady! We thank you for using these precious little hands to do incredible work for God. Absolutely spectacular paintings! God loves you and so do we."

--Edward Solomon, Co-Founder and Director of the International Museum of 21 st Century Art (TIMOTCA), Art Beyond Borders, Laguna Beach, California

"Akiane's innocence, her vision, passion, and compassion all comes through in her paintings and poetry. I believe this young and gifted artist is destined to leave her mark in the world of art."

--Victoria Nesnick, Founder, President and Publisher of The Kids Hall of Fame

"Akiane's strikingly realistic paintings, drawings and poetry are windows into the soul of her subjects, reaching a depth far beyond her years. Her captivating works create a powerful and lasting impression, rivaling the works of many adult artists. Akiane's unique achievements have earned her a nomination to The Kids Hall of Fame."

--Jim Quinn, Lyman/Timber Stand Gallery, Sandpoint, Idaho

"Akiane's ability is way beyond her years. I have never seen a child paint with this level of detail . There is no doubt in our minds she possesses a unique gift!"

--Alfred Gushchius, renowned Lithuanian literary critic and poet.

"It seems that these expressions are not those of a young girl, but of a mature poet whose aphoristic and enigmatic thinking come to her instantly. Hers is definitely a philosophical poetry, and our world literature can be so proud of this new wunderkind genius.

--Vladislovas Blintrubas, distinguished Lithuanian poet

"Akiane is a literary phenomenon in the history of poetic art. I doubt there has ever been a literary child genius of such maturity, lyrical virtuosity, and spiritual transcendence! Her rare gift will be engraved for ever in the history pages of the world's literature. I see the cosmic hope and meaning of life in her wisdom-saturated imagery. I am speechless!

--Roger Jellinek, literary agent and editor

"I have never encountered such talent for painting in anyone so young. Akiane's poetry is even more impressive than her painting. Her images are astonishingly mature and original: fearless, deep, and mysteriously powerful. Yet Akiane herself remains an unpretentious, unselfconscious, delightfully unaffected and playful 10-year-old girl!

--Marina Koledintseva, Ph.D. professor, University of Missouri

"Akiane is an absolute artistic prodigy! One can hardly believe the works were painted by a small girl. Father Forgive Them is an especially strong painting. Her creation electrifies with the realism, the artistic sense, and the level of mastery, spectacular even for a adult artist. When I was first acquainted with the petite Akiane she was only five, and even then she amazed everyone with her abilities. I still to this day treasure the pencil sketches, including my portrait and a squirrel, live as live can be, that she gave me as a gift. And recently I was moved also by her poetry. In fact, I was so intrigued that I offered to translate her poetry into Russian.

--Victor Depuev, The Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow

"The girl is only 10, and already such fantastic works! I was impressed the most by her flowers. They are absolutely real and full of childhood soul. Without any argument or doubt, Akiane is great!"

--Renee and Brent Caudil, M.D. (physician)

"We have known Akiane and her family for several years, since she was four years old, enjoying a close and rewarding relationship which we have been thankful for. To us she always seemed like a normal, happy little girl, apart from her very advanced and beautiful works displayed at home in Missouri, and a strong interest in spiritual things, uncommon for a child."

--Michael Ward, M.Ed., psychotherapist, and Emily Ward, CEO and President, Le Triomphe Inc. International

"It is always an incredible experience to discover and witness the gift of an artist's hand, but it is only a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to meet and witness the touch of the Master's Hand in the art of any human being, let alone a child. How appropriate. My wife and I have always been in awe at the talent that comes from just the slightest stroke of a brush and the thoughts of an inspired and truly gifted artist, but no other has touched and captured our family's heart, soul, and imagination more than that of Akiane. Not only is she a rare diamond artistically (an understatement), but most importantly she's a sweet angelic little girl who has the heart and ability to touch the world for the less fortunate and through her hands, make it truly a better place. For this reason, her gift is invaluable and long awaited. We love her and wait for a lifetime of pieces that are sure to inspire the imagination, touch the soul, and witness over and over again the origins of her gift!"

--Sylvia Castle, M.Ed., teacher

"I observed Akiane at school in Colorado and I knew her also as a personal friend. Akiane was a precocious 7-year-old with an enthusiasm for living. She was a beautiful child with a strong faith in God already evident in her young life. I enjoyed watching her romp and laugh with their family golden retriever in her yard at home. She had a unique art ability displayed in her paintings already at such a young age! She has truly grown into a self-motivated, talented young woman with the same attributes I observed in her as a young girl. Akiane's zest for living and her sense of humor make her a delightful individual. I see so much faith through her unique paintings. It has been truly a pleasure to know Akiane and I thank God for showering his gifts on someone who will share them with the world."

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