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Akiane Kramarik and Six More Artists Drawing Artistic Inspiration From On-High

Creating beautiful and moving works of art has been a rich part of religious traditions for thousands of years. While some groups prohibit the creation of direct depictions of divinity, others encourage it. Many Christians have been moved to create inspiring pieces that capture their unique vision of biblical stories or their Savior himself. Learn more about how some people knew they were prepared for a life of art at a young age while others only discovered their talents later in life.

Ilana Yahav

This phenomenal artist works with sand to create works of art that are fleeting, yet evocative and touching. Many of her sandscape stories tell an uplifting or inspiring Christian message. She grew up in Israel and spent years running a puppetry studio before discovering her unique talents for turning basic grains of sand into beautiful moving paintings. Ilana's website says that she asks for inspiration before starting each work of art.

Yasuko and Graham Fleming

As a husband and wife team living in Japan, these two Christians have been called to create a ministry based on art. Yasuko is a professional dancer who first developed a relationship with God while studying in England. Her husband, Graham prefers to communicate his faith through illustrations and paintings. Both decided to bring a deeper understanding of Christianity to Japan by forming the All Nations Japan ministry. Free classes and instruction help Japanese people across the country to learn new ways of expressing themselves. As they study, the ministry members also share their beliefs to inspire them for a deeper connection with the world around them, says Today's Christian Woman. (www.todayschristianwoman.com/articles/2009/february/creativegospel.html)

Freedom Rodriguez

The childhood of Freedom wasn't truly free. The talented illustrator grew up in a challenging and broken home that exposed him to violence and drugs from an early age. As darkness threatened to envelop him, he turned to both art and religion to stay on the right track. The OM ArtsLink reports that Rodriguez was encouraged by art teachers as well as Christian friends to turn away from the temptations that surrounded him at a crucial time in his life.

He [Freedom Rodriguez] is attempting to make the transition to full-time ministry through his art so he can bring his inspiring story to as many people as possible.

Prince of Peace  painting of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik- heaven is for real painting of Jesus by little Lithuanian girl

Akiane Kramarik

According to her autobiography titled "Akiane, Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry. Akiane developed her artistic talents and visions in the early years. This young child first began discussing her conversations with God and Jesus when she was just four years old.  She also began sketching with pencil and charcoal as she turned five and developed surprising artistic skills in just a few short years. By six, she was painting with acrylics and by seven, she had even started writing her own spiritual poetry. Her paintings of Jesus have inspired thousands to seek a deeper, more personal relationship with Christ. (Prints available here)

Lynn Kircher

Lynn also knew he was destined for a life of painting when he began introducing himself as an artist at the age of six. The Denver Catholic Register says that the painter was inspired by the early roots of Catholicism when priests used descriptive illustrations to share stories with illiterate church members. He aims to create pieces that bridge the gap between divinity and ordinary humanity. Lynn instructed new students in the arts as an instructor at the Colorado School of Art for more than 20 years, but now he primarily focuses on his inspirational works.

Janet Hyun

Janet Hyun has always dreamed of having a major impact on the world as an artist but did not foresee the discovery of God in her like in 2001. That chance meeting with a living God altered her outlook on life and changed the course of her artwork permanently. Ms. Hyun now expresses her heavenly relationship through her artistic creations and is in fact, having a major impact on the world with Christian art. Ms. Hyun says that she sees visions through God and translates them to us through canvas and oils.

See more inspirational works by Akiane and consider collecting her works to pass to your children.



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