You can find a spectacular picture of Jesus at Art & SoulWorks, where we specialize in inspirational gifts and artwork that expresses wholesome values in a beautiful way. We strive to be an example of God’s love and that extends to our collection of gift products, as well. It is important that we continue to educate people around the world on the power of God’s love and abundance, and it’s amazing what a positive and moving effect these spiritual images can have.

We were honored to be the global licensors and distributors of Jesus pictures and gifts by noted artist Akiane Kramarik for over 10-years.  Akiane’s Jesus pictures, canvases, and framed prints are a wonderful choice for display in your home, church, or office, where they’ll serve as a source of inspiration and light to all who pass by. To see the items that are still available as canvas prints for your space, visit our shop featuring home and wall decor.


Where Can I Find a Realistic Picture of Jesus?

Art & SoulWorks carries inspirational gifts and art by Akiane Kramarik, who is known for her realistic pictures of Jesus. Akiane first showed her artistic talent at the tender age of four, when she began experiencing spiritual visions and expressing them through pencil and charcoal sketches. She progressed to acrylics and oils at the age of six and, just a year later, Akiane started writing amazing poetry.

Today, she is known worldwide for her breathtakingly true-to-life portrait of Jesus called, “Prince of Peace.” She was only eight years old when the painting was completed, but the love of God captured in this picture of Jesus is simply timeless. Those who gaze at Akiane’s work know how uplifting and heartening “Prince of Peace” truly is and now you can experience that same feeling firsthand.

Bring home the real face of Jesus as painted by Akiane Kramarik.

Is There a Painting or Picture of Jesus That Shows What He Really Looked Like?

If you’re looking for a picture of Jesus that truly shows what He looked like, you’ll be very interested to hear the story of a young boy named Colton Burpo. When Colton was four years old, he underwent an emergency appendectomy. The procedure was a success, but what followed was even more astounding. Colton told his parents in stunning detail about how Jesus had stayed by his side as the appendectomy was performed. He confidently recounted details regarding his parents’ prayers in the hospital waiting room, family events from decades ago, and information about passed relatives that he couldn’t possibly have known without his encounter with Jesus.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring revelation from Colton was the description of Jesus himself. Over the next several years, Colton’s father showed his son hundreds of Jesus pictures but the images were never quite “right”. Then, the duo saw Akiane Kramarik’s “Prince of Peace” painting showcased on CNN and suddenly Colton exclaimed “that’s the one” as he once again saw the real face of Jesus.

Read more about Colton’s story here.


Where Can I Find Gifts with a Picture of Jesus?

At Art & SoulWorks, you can find your very own take-home Jesus pictures either in print form or emblazoned featured on a number of different gifts. We offer calendars, journals, home and wall décor, magnets, greeting cards, bookmarks, ornaments, and many other items, all carrying the message of love and hope that forms the very core of our beliefs.

Jesus pictures make memorable gifts for family and friends. Each piece signifies an investment in your loved ones’ spirit, infusing their daily life with hope, wholeness, and a reminder that we’re all part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Browse all our collections to find the perfect gift that speaks to you.

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